Vegas Strippers For Hire

How It Works At Our Agency

Connecting with Vegas Strippers for hire couldn’t be easier! Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, we make getting a stripper to your room nearly effortless! Call 707-744-3669 to make your plan.

HOW IT WORKS ~ VEGAS STRIPPERS FOR HIRE Connect With Las Vegas Strippers For Hire


Call us! A friendly representative will provide a password for you to access 100% real images of our lovely ladies.


Select your desired package and the girl of your choice from our available in-room entertainers.


Reserve your time, provide your location, and prepare for the time of your life! We make it easy to hire a private stripper.


Call us! A friendly representative will provide a password for you to access to 100% real images of our lovely ladies.


Select your desired package and the girl of your choice from our available in-room entertainers.


Reserve your time, provide your location, and prepare for the time of your life! Our strippers for hire aim to please!
Are you searching for professional strippers for hire in the heart of Vegas? Look no further! Our agency offers a selection of top-notch entertainers, dancers, and Vegas strippers for hire. Our talent is ready to bring the heat to your private event. 

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions About Vegas Strippers For Hire

How to connect with Vegas strippers for hire?

To start we have you call our toll-free number (702) 354-2918.

To start, we have you call our toll-free number (702) 354-2918.

Let us know what type of girl interests you. If you’re unsure and open to our suggestions, we’ll help you pick the lovely lady (or ladies!) who we think will “click” with you the best.

We’ll send pictures of the available ladies right at this moment.

Rest assured, these photos are genuine and showcase the stunning talent that will arrive at your door. And yes, they are as captivating as they look – our discerning customers expect nothing but the best.

We accept cash payments only!       


How do I know these girls are legitimate?

All our dancers are fully licensed independent contractors, ensuring quality and professionalism in our services.

Every Vegas stripper for hire holds a Sheriff’s/Work Card which is a solid testament to their professional standing.

Obtaining this card involves a thorough background check at the local police station and confirms that the individual has no felony convictions.

So, avoid risking your event’s success by hiring unvetted, unlicensed entertainers. Choose quality and peace of mind with our fully certified professionals.

How old do I have to be to book a party?

We want everyone to have a great time, but age restrictions DO apply. All customers must be a consenting adult age 18 or older to join the fun. Our friendly security team will ensure everyone in the group meets the minimum age requirements.

What does a party involve?

When you book our entertainers, they’ll promptly arrive at your room on time, pumped and ready! They bring tunes, fun props, and party games to get everyone in the groove.

Your chosen Package and Service dictates the entertainment.

Typically, shows run for about 45 to 60 minutes. Remember, the vibe depends on how you and other guests interact with the dancers.

Once the main show wraps up, the room becomes a lap dance haven where you can enjoy public and private performances. Make it a night to remember!

Can I request a special theme or request the girls to wear costume attire?

You bet! If you want a special theme or our Vegas strippers for hire to rock cosplay or costume attire,  let us know when setting up your party. This way, we can sort out all the details in advance and make sure your experience is exactly what you wanted.

What if I want to book a show for more than one time slot?

Need more time to keep the party going? No worries—just give us a call! And if our dancers are already lighting up your room, extending the fun is a breeze. If the dancer doesn’t have a previously booked party, you can extend your time on the spot and pay with cash.

What is your refund policy?

If by chance you’re not thrilled with our dancers when they arrive, it’s okay—just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase, minus a $200 cancellation fee.

But hey, once the show gets rolling, it’s all systems go! There are no refunds.

Should I tip the dancers?

Our dancers love putting on an incredible show, and tips are a fantastic way to show your appreciation.

The more generous you are, the more energetic and exciting the performance gets!

What size bills should I have on hand when the dancer arrives?

We recommend having  variety of bills on hand. Larger bills are great for covering service fees, while smaller denominations give you the flexibility to tip throughout the night or even ‘make it rain.’

Although our dancers may carry change, this is at their sole discretion. As a customer, it’s always best to be prepared.

So line up those bills and let the fun unfold!

How many Las Vegas Strippers can we have to our Bachelor Party?

How many dancers for a bachelor party, you ask? Well, the sky’s the limit!

But as a general rule of thumb, we suggest having one dancer for every 3 to 4 gents in the group. This ensures everyone gets a front-row seat to the action.

So feel free to go big or keep it cozy—either way, we’re all in for a night to remember!

What are the benefits of having strippers come to your room?

Thinking about the perks of having dancers come straight to your room? Well, let us tell you, the list is long!

First off, say goodbye to overpriced, watered-down drinks. You can stock up your hotel bar with your favorite spirits to keep the party going. 

Plus, no waiting in lines or paying door fees—you’re already ‘in the club!’ And the best part?

You and your friends get an exclusive, personalized experience with our dancers, no competing for attention like you would in a crowded club. It’s your party, your rules, and unlimited fun for all!

Etiquette For Our Vegas Strippers For Hire Services Are you ready for an unforgettable night with our top-notch dancers? Awesome!

Our talent isn’t just about good looks; they’re professionals passionate about providing the ultimate party experience. So, please keep things classy and show them the respect they deserve.

What To Expect

Below, you’ll find some easy-to-follow Do’s and Don’ts for our Vegas stippers for hire services that will help make your event a hit for everyone involved. By sticking to these guidelines, you’re not just setting the stage for a fantastic time.



Be Ready For An Unforgettable Experience!

Our Lovely Ladies Are All Sheriff's Card-Certified

Our dancers aren't just random entertainers or women off the street. They're Sheriff's Card Certified pros! Each one has passed a background check and is fully vetted. So you're getting the real deal—skilled, professional, and totally legit. Skip the risk and go with the best. Trust us, it's the only way to party!

We Support Diversity

Our dancers are independent contractors who bring a unique blend of talents, backgrounds, and styles. We're always on the lookout for exceptional new talent to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of our clients. Inclusivity isn't just a buzzword for us—it's how we help set the stage for a fabulous, unforgettable event!

We Specialize in Entertainment, Not Escort Services

Our focus is on delivering high-quality in-room or on-location adult entertainment. We want to make it clear: we do not offer escort services. In Las Vegas, prostitution is illegal and laws are strictly enforced. Stick with us for a night of pure entertainment that's all about the fun!

Our Dancers Are All 21 And Over

All our dazzling dancers are 21 and over, which means everyone is of legal age to enjoy those fun body shots and the lively atmosphere. Rest assured, our parties are all about creating a vibrant but safe space where consenting adults can let loose and have a blast!